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Wednesdays, 1:00am- 2:00am

Discover. Experience. Repeat. Fly is the travel radio show for off the beaten path tales of travel and adventure. Listen in for storytelling at its best, with interviews from everyday explorers discussing their experiences on the road less travelled. Whether you are planning your first trip, permanently nomadic, or vicariously traveling the world from the comfort of your couch, FLY is for you. Tune in!

Host/Producer: Melissa Rodway


Theme Song: Dinah Thorpe

Melissa loves adventures. Be it a Québec road trip, trekking in the Alps, riding a chicken bus through Guatemala, paragliding in Nepal and more, nothing beats the unknown. While Toronto is her hometown, she takes her listeners on an escape every week, with off-the-beaten-path travel tales from her unique guests.

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