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Tuesdays, 10:00pm-11:00pm

Howl showcases mostly Canadian music groups and individuals. The spoken word includes: Beat Generation, Neo Beat, Gadist poetry, surrealist dadaist, dub, hip hop , rap, sound poets, deconstructivists, Afro Can, Native Canadian, Spanisha and French Canadian. Also works by Dead Poets Society including Edgar A. Poe and Byron.

Hosts: Nancy Bullis & Valentino Assenza

Valentino Assenza has been a published poet and performing spoken word artist for over the last two decades. In that time he has released four chapbooks and performed all over Canada and the US. Valentino has been a co-host and co-producer of HOWL on CIUT 89.5FM, where he has interviewed names such as George Elliott Clarke, Anne Michaels, Denise Donlon, Ron Sexsmith, and Margaret Atwood.

Nancy Jane Bullis Greer is a HOWL co-host since December 1999 and enjoys the opportunity of interviewing poets, novelists, and songwriters about their work. Nancy is a published poet, co-author of several business compliance and tax-related publications, as well as a student of a full stack web development certification program.


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