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Support CIUT-FM
We provide vocational, technical and professional training to student and community volunteers through "hands-on" training and mentoring in radio broadcasting and podcasting. With support from donors we are able to offer workshops, maintain our facilities and resources for training students and community volunteers. It is with your support that CIUT-FM is able to provide an alternative programming which reflects the cultural, social and ethnically diverse community we serve. We are able to showcase emerging musicians, and underrepresented musical genres.


Programming Proposals
For new Broadcast ideas, reach out to our Program Director for a Show Proposal form.

For new Podcast ideas, reach out to our Digital Content Coordinator for a Show Proposal form.

Volunteering at CIUT-FM
To find out more about volunteering at CIUT-FM contact our Volunteer Coordinator and sign up using our volunteer form.


Student Revolutions

Student Revolutions Logo
Host Name: Riley Moorman
Monday, 9am-10am

In this age of Instagram activism and apathy, we can all be reminded of the long history of student solidarity that’s effected change around the world.

Radio Recall

Host Name: Steve Fruitman
& Peter Stamp
Saturday 11am to 12pm

Radio Recall is a lively exploration of our station's history with the people that were there. Join our dedicated hosts Steve Fruitman and Peter Stamp. With decades of experience and knowledge about CIUT-FM they still were surprised to learn more secrets and facts from guests throughout CIUT's history.

The Waveform

Host Name: Jasmine Chow
Tuesday 4pm-5pm

The Waveform is a journey across the subgenres of pop music. From psychedelic pop to dream pop to experimental pop, every week delves into a new wave of sounds.


Vinyl record collection
Host: Rolling DJ Guests
Friday 8pm-10pm

Each week a guest DJ spins tunes in their unique style.