Weekly Schedule


You will find a unique mix of new shows throughout the day all prepared by a host of CIUT volunteers. Please continue to listen to CIUT-FM 89.5, your campus and community radio station, bringing you the sound and news of your city each and every day.

For an alphabetical list see here.


12-2am The Cool Side of the Pillow (repeat)

2-5am Second To the Right

5-6am Alternative Radio

6-9am Reggae in the Morning

9-10am Student Revolutions

10-11am Democracy Now!

11am-12pm The Taylor Report

12-2pm 33-45-78

2-3pm Music

3-4pm Music

4-5pm CanQueer

5-6pm TBA

6-7pm Tracks From Abroad

7-8pm Indigenous Waves

8-10pm Veritable Infusion

10pm-12am 6 Degrees


12-2am Psychedelic/Stoner Rock Extravaganza (repeat)

2-5am Funky Fridays (repeat)

5-6am Democracy Now!

6-9am Drill Squad

9-10am Canadaland

10-11am Democracy Now!

11am-12pm The Radical Reverend

12-2pm Dr. Mouth's Rock'n'Roll Lunch Party

2-3pm Music

3-4pm Music

4-5pm The Waveform

5-6pm Moondog's Ballroom

6-8pm Dementia 13

8-9pm A to Z Blues

9-10pm Lovers Rotation

10-11pm Howl

11pm-12am Rainbow Country


12-1am Rainbow Country

1-3am Groove Concept Radio (repeat)

3-5am Masterplan (repeat)

5-6am Democracy Now! (repeat)

6-7am Music

7-10am Global Rhythms

10-11am Democracy Now!

11am-12pm Career Buzz

12-2pm Music With DB Hawkes

2-3pm Turn Out

3-4pm Music

4-6pm Radio Boogie

6-8pm Classical Underground

8-10pm Vinyl From the Crypt

10-11pm No Beat Radio

11pm-12am Electric Sense


12-2am Soundtracks For the Alpha State

2-5am Reggae In the Morning

5-6am Democracy Now! (repeat)

6-7am Music

7-10am Moovin' in the Right Direction

10-11am Democracy Now!

11am-12pm Alternative Radio

12-2pm Music at High Noon

2-3pm The New Music Show

3-4pm Around the Corner

4-6pm Psychedelic/Stoner Rock Extravaganza

6-8pm No Man's Land

8-10pm Higher Ground

10pm-12am Groove Concept Radio


12-2am The Next Stop

2-4am Dementia 13 (repeat)

4-5am A to Z Blues (repeat)

5-6am Democracy Now! (repeat)

6-7am Music

7-10am Funky Fridays

10-11am Democracy Now!

11am-12pm The Green Majority

12-1pm Music

1-3pm The Cool Side of the Pillow

3-4pm Music

4-6pm CIUT Listeners' Den

6-7pm Dreaming in Stereo

7-8pm Ruby Slippers

8-10pm DJ Mixes

10pm-12am The Prophecy


12-2am The Minx Sessions

2-4am No Man's Land (repeat)

4-6am Higher Ground (repeat)

6-7am Democracy Now! (repeat)

7-8am Music

8-9am The Third Face

9-10am CIUT Critic's Circle

10-11am The Bill King Show

11am-12pm Radio Recall

12-1pm Calling All Blues

1-2pm TBA

2-4pm Phil's Inn

4-6pm The Lovecast

6-8pm Frisson Radio

8-10pm Masterplan

10pm-12am Reggae Riddims


12-6am Club Ned

6-7am Music

7-10am Gospel Music Machine

10-11am Viento Sur

11am-1pm Pot Pourri

1-2pm The More the Merrier

2-3pm TBA

3-5pm Karibuni

5-8pm Across the Universe

8-10pm What is Hip?

10pm-12am EqualizingXDistort