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Since 2006, we’ve broadcast unrehearsed and informative conversations featuring extraordinary career stories of ordinary people, and insights from future-of-work thought leaders including National Geographic explorer-in-residence Wade Davis, former Member of Parliament, Helene Leblanc, and career experts Sareena Hopkins, Norm Amundson, Roberta Borgen, Rich Feller and many more.

We also look at the intersection of real-world business practice and people’s career and life choices. We explore how individuals turn their personal passion for innovation into tangible commercial success. And we learn about innovation management best practices, and lessons learned.

Listen to Career Buzz to hear inspiring career professionals share useful insights to increase awareness about the importance of career literacy and share tips to support you to clarify what’s next for you. 


Mark Franklin, MEd,PEng, (he/him) leads CareerCycles, co-founded OneLifeTools, co-authored Who You Are Matters! and Online Storyteller, and teaches career management at University of Toronto. He received the Stu Conger Career Development Award. Mark consulted in his earlier engineering career, before earning a Masters in counseling then leading student services initiatives in universities. Mark started Career Buzz in 2006.

Stephen C Armstrong, Professor of Innovation, University of Toronto and founder of AMGI Certified Management Consultants. A native of Belfast, N Ireland, Stephen is an award-winning state licensed Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur and Professor of Innovation at the University of Toronto. Initial pedigree in the aerospace industry. Founder (1993) of AMGI Management Inc, Certified Management Consultants. Stephen founded Innovation Nation on Career Buzz in 2014.

Hoda Kilani (she/her), Certified Professional Career Coach and the Founder of Right Career Fit, a coaching practice that focuses on career education. Hoda is on a mission to have #careerliteracy trend across social media and works with a variety of media to create awareness including a YouTube channel and two podcasts released on a biweekly basis, Hoda’s Musings and Hoda’s Career Info. If you care to join her, reach out for a chat!

Erica Mattison is an Executive Coach, a Certified Career Advisor, a Master Certified Life Coach, and CEO of Erica Mattison Coaching & Consulting. She has a passion for helping professionals confidently navigate career challenges and transitions. Leveraging her background in sustainability, government, higher education, and nonprofit leadership, she supports purpose-driven people to develop fulfilling careers. Erica is based in Boston, MA, and enjoys connecting with people from all over the world. To learn more, visit

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