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Celebrating over 30 years of Hip Hop in your city and across Canada, U.S.A. & worldwide.
The Masterplan show started in 1989 with John Adams, Wendy Brathwaite a.k.a. Motion, Derrick a.k.a. Dj Power and Dave Clarke a.k.a. DJ DTS. The Masterplan show is run by members of the community with volunteers from all across the city. DJ DTS is still on the show as a mentor for the Generation Next, founded by DJ Romeo a.k.a. Matthew Romeo and DTS, to give help and support to the younger generation who are interested in radio production, spoken word, DJing and life skills, to name a few.


Hosts and DJs:

Nola Jones, PV (Philip Valiño), DJ DTS & Matthew Romeo




Nola Jones


IG: heythisisnola

Nola Jones joined the Masterplan Show Generation Next team in 2021.

Having lived across the ocean before moving to Canada, discovering the Masterplan Show in 2020 was a gift in connecting to the city of Tkaronto - Toronto - and Canadian Hip Hop.

Nola brings a lifelong passion for music and radio, channeling this into researching, learning through Hip Hop's philosophy and revealing layers of contemporary life in the city "where there are trees standing in the water” and beyond.




instagram: deep2thesoul

DTS has been a DJ for over 30 years and is a co-founder of the Masterplan Show on CIUT 89.5FM which is Canada’s longest running Hip Hop radio show. This inspiring and empowering DJ has been noted as a tastemaker in Canada’s music scene, due to his catalytic efforts to elevate Canadian Hip Hop music and contribution to the commercial success of urban music within Canada. Some of Dave’s accomplishments include a Justco Mixtape Award for “Best Mixtape” for Soul Controllers Reggae Meets Hip-Hop Vol 8. More recently, Dave was selected as a finalist for the Toronto Arts Foundation Roy Thomson Hall Award of Recognition.


Philip Valino (PV)


instagram: philipvalino

PV a.k.a. Philip Valiño has been working with The Masterplan Show Generation Next since 2017. Since joining the team, he now DJs, hosts and produces The Masterplan Show Generation Next alongside DTS and Nola Jones. Always involved musically since a young age, Philip keeps the spirit of Hip Hop alive and true to the culture through beat production, DJing and community.


DJ Romeo
instagram: itsmatthewromeo


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