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Veritable Infusion

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Veritable Infusion

Monday 8:00pm-10:00pm

Host: DJ Erik T


VERITABLE INFUSION is one of several French translations for Naturally Flavoured. That is the only common denominator going on here; the music is naturally flavoured, crashing and gliding through many styles, from really old country and blues to dalliances with psychedelia, a lot of soul and funk from around the world, and usually topped off with a dose of reggae. Most weeks I insert some theme which is hoped to add some edification to the entertainment. Themes vary from the earliest Canadians to make American hits to the respective soul scenes of various countries, states and / or cities. An international music party going ‘All around the world for the funk’…

The Story So Far… I’ve been doing this for a while. Over the years, I’ve added more styles, nations’ music, and ribald commentary, sometimes more closely related to the music than at others. Veritable Infusion is one French translation for ‘naturally flavoured,’ so the phrase seemed right for a name.




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