2023 Spring Goal:

volunteer event (2)
  • Lisa and her Husband
    “Throughout the pandemic my husband and I would go hiking almost every Sunday. Our drive home was always soundtracked by across the universe. We love the show and it made the dark nights in these last two winters magical like a small bright star.”
    Lisa and her Husband
  • Andre
     “ Mooooovin' in the Right Direction! So many great shows on this station (that the station is still around as a not-for-profit is amazing) but this one has always had my ear. Love, love, love electronic music. Trance. Progressive anything. This is stuff I grew up listening to. I'm up at 5 AM for work and Thursday mornings are my favourite. Nothing puts some pep in my step like some amazing tracks (and maybe 180 BPM at 0730 in the morning). The opportunity to have the one and only Mr. James perform a set? Too cool. Hopefully with enough praise and a little elbow grease he'll share his favourite tracklist with us. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. So happy to donate and I hope you guys smash the goal! ”
    Overnight Listener
  • Helena
    “Been listening since late 90s. Grooved around the world with Richard djing the background of my life. Music is medicine. Man. :)”
  • Arman
    “Community powered, independent of media conglomerate agenda, volunteer programmers of high caliber, connected to their community”
  • Terran
    “I love the diversity of the shows and the great programming. Such good variety, I’ve always loved it, but particularly makes a long day of delivering around Toronto much more pleasant.”
    Toronto Delivery Driver
  • Stacy
    “I have only recently learned of CIUT and have been enjoying the variety of programming. I usually listen to weeknights while exercising, however I have been enjoying it all day long today.”
    in Mississuaga